Problems of modern parents

Today’s times are not easy for parents whose babies were born with incurable diseases or who were diagnosed with a sensation in our short time after birth were diagnosed and have illness related with the senses in which we are equipped. One of the more common problems is the sensory integration disorder, which is the incorrect transmission of stimuli to the brain by the senses.Although this phenomenon is rather common today, people rather don’t know more about it.

Symptoms of improper sensory integration and ways to treat it

Symptoms of this phenomenon are primarily abnormal or too weak reaction to stimuli from the environment – the child may not see something, not respond to things that he should react, has a delayed reaction to everything that happens around. Therapy is intended to help you recover and improve your baby’s condition and the amount of stimuli children’s body receives and which are delivered to children’s brain. These therapies are most often reminiscent of fun because children learn the fastest and they are relaxed because of it.

How can parents cope at home?

Parents in every case are taught by professionals who treat their children with how they should behave. Often in motor disorders are also used very helpful things like load quilt or load vests. In any case, a good dose of patience is also required. Parents must remember that they are the most important to their child and that they are the foundation and that they are the ones who help the child to recover and function normally.