Difficult children – difficult illness

We can find still more and more often children with ADHD, really difficult illness, about what know the best the teachers. Children with ADHD have psychophysiological hyperactivity syndrome and deficit of attention, that is manifested primarily by excessive mobility, lack of concentration and sometimes lack of control over own’s body. Children with ADD are also emotionally disturbed.Symptoms usually appear and develop until the age of 7, but there are also ADHD cases in adults. Children with ADHD are less likely to focus on one thing and most of all have a problem with maintaining and adhering to social norms.

Main reasons for the disease

The most common causes of this condition are nicotine, alcohol abuse during pregnancy, perinatal traumas, genetic disorders and the use of psychotropic drugs. As you can see, much depends on the behavior of the future mother during pregnancy. Every action of the mother affects the child she wears.

What are the ways to overcome the disease?

The process of overcoming the disease is long lasting and contains many individual elements. The most important is the pharmacological treatment and the support of the psychologist, which is an essential link. In the case of hyperactivity motility, an excellent aide is load vests and load quilts, that they can limit the anxious movements of the baby and thus help the parents in their day-to-day activities such as hygiene. It is very important to have full support from your family and your immediate surroundings.