Why should we treat everyone the same?

Every person deserves equal treatment without affecting his illness or mental retardation. People with Down syndrome are primarily external – they are all in the middle, they are more confident than us and have narrower horizons. Had it not been for the external characteristics, we would probably never have figured it out. Some of the external features also hold people considered healthy. Among these features include: one furrow on the hand instead of two, shorter limbs, almond shaped eyes and protruding tongue. The cause of this disease is the extra chromosome 21.

What do people with Down syndrome differ from others?

However, these people are special in many respects, but they require constant education and health care (depending on the degree of impairment), their lives are limited, they need proper housing conditions, they also need to participate in group activities and family support therapies. In most cases, however, this people do well in their lives and are satisfied with it.

What can help?

Every person at a young age needs proper care, but most of all, adequate support from loved ones. Due to their limitations, such people need a lot of love and family warmth. Sometimes physiotherapy is also necessary, during which they are used very helpful load vests and load quilt, that can help control the body’s movements and give them right directions. Luckily, more and more people are aware of this disease and can properly treat it and people who get it.