Rescue for many

Physiotherapy, as one of the branches of rehabilitation, is widely used today to bring people back to normal life. As it turns out, most physiotherapists today work with children from birth to incurable motor and motility disorders and their families. Physiotherapy is always one of the most important aspects of various types of incurable diseases.

About what diseases speak here?

Physiotherapy is being used today to work with children who are sick, for example ADHD, in other words hyperactivity in motion combined with weakening of concentration. In cases of hyperactivity, there are using things like load vests or load quilt that help in control the uncontrolled movements of the baby. Other diseases in which physiotherapy is used include autism, Down’s syndrome, or sensory integration disorders. Physiotherapy is in such cases an element that teaches how to use the everyday world and reality, or show back how to use it before and how it should today. Physiotherapy often also helps children get out of their inner world, which they reluctantly admit to adults – even close ones.

What methods of recovery are still used?

Cases of children with these conditions also most often require a pharmacological treatment that either suppresses or attempts to weaken symptoms that children are exposed to. It is not all – it is very important always to help the psychologist – not only for the children but also for their families, who very often feel everything much more than their children.