Difficult childhood diseases of today’s world

Our modern world is not at all free from all sorts of illnesses that are increasingly getting younger and younger. All the most serious of these diseases are mental retardation, abnormal responses to world stimuli, and mobility problems. The reason is often genetic defects, pregnancy complications and drugs that do not interfere with pregnant mothers.

What is the disease here?

We mean all the most common illnesses that have been heard so many times and heard by many of us. This is primarily about children with Down syndrome, which due to the genetic defect – the additional chromosome 21 have a slightly narrower world view and some characteristic features of appearance. One of these diseases is also autism or improper sensory integration, which results in incomplete functioning of the body and brain of the child. This group also includes growing up to 7 year old ADHD. All of these illnesses obviously require proper treatment.

What do these diseases say about medicine?

Medicine in principle always in the first place proposes a pharmacological treatment to alleviate the symptoms. It is very important in every case also physiotherapy, where specialized equipment is used. Load quilts and load vests are helpful also for parents, who thanks to them can cope with the hyperactivity of the child. It is always very important to support a psychologist – and it is not always necessary for the child, because in much cases parents take a part in this therapy too.