What is Shantala massage?

It is dedicated mainly to children in the age of 2 to 9 months. Nonetheless, it has a positive influence on older children as well. What is important is the fact that it does not require specialist knowledge and skills. Therefore, each parent can successfully perform it on his or her own.


How to prepare for it?

Preparing appropriate conditions for conducting the massage is important on a par with the massage itself. Due to the fact that the child will be naked, one ought to ensure appropriate, warm and pleasant temperature in the room – preferably above 20°C. Furthermore, it is recommended to have the room soundproofed as noise can disrupt tranquility. In order to build an atmosphere of calmness, one can put on either some relaxing music or an original soundtrack recorded with focus on Shantala massage.

The massage ought to be performed with the use of natural oils, such as almond, coconut and olive oil. Such oils are harmless, even if the child puts its hand into the mouth.


How to perform Shantala massage?

Shantala massage includes all parts of the body. The parent uses smooth and calm moves to massage the child lying on the parent’s legs. One starts from the chest and abdomen, through arms, legs all the way to the back.

The massage ought to be performed on a regular basis, not less frequently than 3-4 times a week and most preferably during the morning and evening, for no longer than 5-10 minutes. However, one ought to always pay attention to the child’s reactions. If the child grows impatient, it is recommended to stop the massage. It is preferable to end the massage with a bath in order to clean the body from oil and relax the child even more.


Benefits from the massage

Besides positive influence of Shantala massage on the child’s nervous system, there are other benefits such as increase of immunity, regulation of sleep and improved functioning of the digestive system. The little one ought to be aware of its body and get accustomed to touch – the parent does not separate the hand from the child’s body. Thus, this also helps establish a strong emotional bond.