Don’t be afraid of me and my illness

By reading blog entries written by people with Asperger’s Syndrome or similar disorders, you can come to a clear conclusion that we still know and talk to little about what the world looks like from their perspective. We don’t know how to build a lasting relationship with them, including friendship, or at least how to show understanding for their situation. The Internet provides a lot of information about the symptoms themselves, treatment, various therapies, but there is no easily accessible information on how to behave towards these people. Their world is different from ours.

My personal problems

People with Asperger’s syndrome have a different way of perceiving and reacting to the world. They can be much more sensitive than healthy people – or vice versa, much less sensitive. Hypersensitivity, for example to sounds or too strong light, is frequently very disturbing and makes it more difficult for a person to respond appropriately to a conversation. When this happens, the other person who is not suffering from a disorder should provide a better place to talk, where the stimuli will not affect the patient so strongly. Difficult situations also include being a part of a larger group when everyone is talking at the same time and conversation fluctuates from one topic to another.

It’s not difficult to help

You don’t have to worry about people with Asperger’s syndrome, you just have to understand what their world looks like and what their perspective is like. It is good to be friends with an Aspie – as long as you are a person who doesn’t care about social awkwardness and likes to look at things from a different, enriching perspective.