How does a person with autism show up in mass culture?

Movies and books dealing with a variety of illnesses that sometimes come to us are sometimes difficult to accept, and often their ends do not coincide in any way with our expectations. But it is only a good sign that illnesses and other casualties are not indifferent to people, and well-shot films are able to educate the public in some way. Autism, Asperger’s syndrome, Down’s syndrome and other illnesses are nowadays increasingly popular topics of ever-growing films.
Here are two movies that you should definitely watch closely or further friends of people who have autism.

X + Y”

Most of the production is quite fresh, such as the one from 2014, directed by Morgan Matthews. This is a story about a teenage mathematical genius who goes to a camp preparing for the mathematical Olympiad at an international level. The film shows first of all the ways and attempts to adapt the main character to a group of peers and faces the craving for the father who died in an accident in which he also participated. It’s also a story about his mother and her look at the whole situation.


The second production was released in 2009. Here we are confronted with a kind of romance and comedy – light, but touching film about – this time – an adult man suffering from autism. He reminds his behavior big baby, what sentimental woman, but in amazement and puts the rest of the world. He can not cope with expressing themselves and the world of phenomena that take place around you, but it has passion, which can talk for hours with power. There is also a love story in which a man experiences feelings for his neighbor.