Do not be afraid, do not judge

Sometimes, the mother who first heard this information from the doctor is in panic and the first thought is will to get rid of the baby. Fortunately, the next moment is gone and the woman already knows that it will most certainly be your child with Down Syndrome love the world. Fear makes us feel panicked and stuck on the opportunities and on how the situation really looks like in the case of children already suffering from, for example, Down syndrome. These children are unique, they certainly deserve the love of the heart and the opportunity to live their own life, the rhythm, their own and in a way we sometimes do not understand.

Child with Down Syndrome – what is it?

These children are unique and especially in the early years they resemble these “normal” children, they are full of vigor, but stubborn – these children are often said to be confident or decisive and even show their character. The child with Down is exactly the same, only the reasons for refusing to do specific activities, are different. He will not care that something is important to us. But there is one more important thing – for children with Down absolutely no matter what your appearance or posture, beauty, money or car – they are all equal, and are not judged or criticized for their actions, but only those who accept it. It’s a phenomenon that we are often unable to understand. A child with Down can learn a lot from us – first and foremost, our approach to people and their perception.