Mom, don’t shout

Parents whose children are oversensitive to outside stimuli may sometimes have hard time coping with their children’s reactions. It is useful to find out why these reactions occur so that you will feel les helpless and be more understanding.

Sensory processing disorder

If your child overreacts to stimuli, for example cries when the light is too bright or conversation too loud, the first thing to remember is that it’s not the child’s fault. It’s not doing it to spite you. Even more, it’s not choosing to act this way of its own volition. In fact, it may be reacting this way because something is wrong with its brain.

Sensory processing disorder is a valid condition, although many doctors don’t recognize it. That’s why children suffering from this condition are usually treated by physiotherapists, who have more understanding of the problem and better means of helping children and parents deal with it.

Understanding parents help a ton

Knowing what your child is going through and understanding its problem will help you not to overreact, too. So the next time your toddler starts screaming without any apparent reason, stop and think before you shush him or demand he shut up. He may actually be sick and suffering and your anger would cause him to suffer even more.

Take a deep breath. You can even leave the room for a while. And book a visit with a physiotherapist to check if your child isn’t suffering from sensory processing disorder.

Parents shape their children. It is your job to make sure your child feels loved and valued even in the midst of what looks like a huge tantrum.