The advantages of having a child with ADHD

Do you sometimes feel that having a child with ADHD is nothing but a curse? Think again! Don’t despair and look on the bright side of life, because we’ve compiled a list of all the good things a child with ADHD can give you.

You’re slimmer

You have to run after your little treasure all the time? One moment he’s here, and the next – three blocks away? Well, all this running about has probably caused you to shed a lot of weight. Just remember to eat big, hearty meals – you’ll need the energy.

Life never gets boring

A dreary afternoon, awful weather, no one to talk to, and just nothing interesting to do… yes, but not for you! Your child is like an entertainment centre for you, constantly finding something new to do, having so many new ideas, talking about so many interesting and funny things! It’s impossible to get bored when your child has ADHD.

You’re not to blame if your house is in chaos

Do you dread the visits of your mother-in-law? Is she one of those who will look in every nook and cranny, check your lampshades for dust and criticise the contents of your fridge? Well, now you have someone to blame! Now everyone will understand if your house is in less than perfect order.

Compassion and patience

And now let’s just be serious for a moment. When your child is suffering from ADHD, you learn empathy and patience. You learn to be understanding, to react with warmth and sympathy instead of anger. You learn to love no matter what. You stop noticing the small things, like a broken vase, and look at the bigger picture: a family held together by love and compassion.