How to help your child concentrate

If your child has problems with concentration, either because of ADHD, SPD, or any other condition, there are many ways to help your child focus better. You can do it through play or daily activities.

Is concentrating always possible?

First, let’s just remind ourselves that we can be unable to concentrate in many situations. Especially, if our stress-levels are high, or when we’re overtired or overwhelmed by external stimuli and emotions. Remember the last time when you were extremely stressed out, tired, and maybe even hungry. Could you focus easily?

So, the first thing to be done is to closely observe what triggers your child’s lapses in concentration. What causes him stress? Of course, not all stress is bad and it’s important children experience it and learn to cope with it, but some kinds of stress are so violent and exhausting, that they shut off your child’s decision-making ability. What’s left is the pure instinct, which tells your child to shout, be aggressive, or flee and completely disengage.

Limit unhealthy stress

For a child with sensory processing issues, even daily situations will be a constant source of stress. That’s why it’s so important to make minor adjustments to help your child even just a bit. This will help her concentrate better.

Also, start physiotherapy if you haven’t done it yet. It will help your child learn some coping strategies and lower their receptivity to everyday stimuli and stressful occurrences.