Music to help children with autism and SPD

I know a case of a boy who had autism and couldn’t seem to learn to speak as a child. He was sent to speech and language therapy and it didn’t help. Finally, he was signed up for piano lessons and this was the breakthrough: he began to sing. And by singing, he learned to speak.

Music can heal

Music can be relaxing. Not just any music: classical music is best for healing purposes. But any type of music your child will enjoy and find relaxing will do. So, for example, if your child likes to hit things and enjoys the loud sounds object make when they clash, get him a drum or a tambourine. By playing these instruments, he will be able to receive the stimuli he’s lacking.

Dancing also has huge potential. Children with sensory processing disorder who have trouble with their vestibular system may become better acquainted with their bodies and more comfortable in their own skin through dancing. You can either sign your child up for classes or opt for freestyle: just turn on some rhythmic music and dance together!

Relaxation and senses

Music can help your child calm down when he’s overstressed. However, if your child is oversensitive to auditory stimuli, he may benefit more from silence, but not always. See what works best for your child.

You can also help your child cope better with auditory overstimulation which can occur in sensory processing disorder, ADHD, or autism. Introduce music sessions, when you’ll listen to music together. Let your child choose and strive for variety.