Difficult childhood diseases of today’s world

Our modern world is not at all free from all sorts of illnesses that are increasingly getting younger and younger. All the most serious of these diseases are mental retardation, abnormal responses to world stimuli, and mobility problems. The reason is often genetic defects, pregnancy complications and drugs that do not interfere with pregnant mothers….

Rescue for many

Physiotherapy, as one of the branches of rehabilitation, is widely used today to bring people back to normal life. As it turns out, most physiotherapists today work with children from birth to incurable motor and motility disorders and their families. Physiotherapy is always one of the most important aspects of various types of incurable diseases….

Difficult children – difficult illness

We can find still more and more often children with ADHD, really difficult illness, about what know the best the teachers. Children with ADHD have psychophysiological hyperactivity syndrome and deficit of attention, that is manifested primarily by excessive mobility, lack of concentration and sometimes lack of control over own’s body. Children with ADD are also…