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Difficult childhood diseases of today’s world

Our modern world is not at all free from all sorts of illnesses that are increasingly getting younger and younger. All the most serious of these diseases are mental retardation, abnormal responses to world stimuli, and mobility problems. The reason is often genetic defects, pregnancy complications and drugs that do not interfere with pregnant mothers….

Rescue for many

Physiotherapy, as one of the branches of rehabilitation, is widely used today to bring people back to normal life. As it turns out, most physiotherapists today work with children from birth to incurable motor and motility disorders and their families. Physiotherapy is always one of the most important aspects of various types of incurable diseases….

Why should we treat everyone the same?

Every person deserves equal treatment without affecting his illness or mental retardation. People with Down syndrome are primarily external – they are all in the middle, they are more confident than us and have narrower horizons. Had it not been for the external characteristics, we would probably never have figured it out. Some of the…

Autism in children can be easily detected

In many cases, their early detection will even guarantee their complete elimination. The longer distressing symptoms will be ignored, the less chance of a baby returning to health and full normality. There are many symptoms that must not be skipped or ignored. Some things do not go along with age. What are the early symptoms…

Problems of modern parents

Today’s times are not easy for parents whose babies were born with incurable diseases or who were diagnosed with a sensation in our short time after birth were diagnosed and have illness related with the senses in which we are equipped. One of the more common problems is the sensory integration disorder, which is the…